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December 24th 2021, 14:00 UTC

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We highly recommend Android user to access the game through APK and use chrome browser for desktop. We recommend safari browser for IOS user.
Please use Dapp browser from your wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet, or safepal) https://www.app.metasquidgo.com/ to check your $MWON balance and get your game link.
You can use your desktop browser and you need to install metamask add-on to access. If you want to access through your phone, you can use wallet browser (Metamask, Trustwallet, or Safepal) then search on Dapp browser, and don't forget to set your network to Binance Network.

The Gateway Into The Metaverse

Metaverse Technology

Welcome to our metaverse
A virtual gaming world where players can customize their character
NFT gaming ecosystem with a marketplace feature
Earn real income by playing this game
Fight your way and earn reward in our Metaverse


So, how are we going to do all of this?

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Staking Program








Game Development








Read our whitepaper document to know clearly about our project.



Red light, Green Light

Win the game and earn real income everyday!


- Don't die and win the prize

- Rules: Only move on green light and stop on red light! Reach the finish line ASAP

Claim your $MWON


So, how are we going to do all of this?

⚜ METASQUID GO GAME Development (Q2 2021)
⚜ Preparing (Q4 2021)
Website, Twitter, Telegram Channel & Group, Instagram, Roadmap, Whitepaper, Deploy BEP-20 Smart Contract
⚜️ History Start (Q4 2021)
Game “Red Light, Green Light” Launch
Airdrop Event Start
Presale MSQUID Stage 1
SQUID ARENA assets and animation finished
Presale MSQUID Stage 2
Audit on Techrate
Game development SQUID ARENA finish 50%
Presale MSQUID Stage 3
⚜ The journey begin (Q1 2022)
MSQUID Listing On Pancakeswap
Lock Liquidity, Logo on Trust Wallet & Safepal, Listing on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap
Release Whitepaper V2
MWON Listing on Pancakeswap
SQUID ARENA game Launch
⚜ Listing Hotbit for MSQUID (Q2 2022)
⚜ To the Moon (Q3 2022)
Staking Program for MSQUID

Core team

person image

Joseph Flowers


Joseph has 12 years experience in developing start up with his partners. He started MetasquidGo with determination to give the best gaming experience to all crypto investors. Joseph has strong leadership and very capable on adjusting trend changes in crypto world

person image

Yeva Vanko


Yeva Vanko is a certified auditor for global company. He has been an auditor for 12 years and has been a consultant for some big companies. He is very smart and careful in making financial report and set budgeting for the project

person image

Denys Makarenko


Denys Makarenko is a game developer from 2016 and also a crypto investor. He has made more than 12 online games and has launced most of them on google playstore and IOS appstore. Some of the games are very successful that has more than 1million dolar sales.

person image

Sofia Boiko


Sofia Boiko is a lead marketing in cosmetic company. She has helped brainstorm the idea to promote the product worldwide by endorsing international selebrity. She has a lot of connections to artists and surely be a very helpful addition to metasquidgo team



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🎮 METASQUID GO 🎮 is a game platform that adopts 2 games with the Play to Earn concept:

🚨 Red Light Green Light: this game adopts the old school game from South Korea, the point of RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT is for players to move through the finish line. The players can only move on GREEN LIGHT and must stop on RED LIGHT. This game will consist of a huge doll which will be the observer for the players to follow the rule. The players who move on RED LIGHT will be shot down by the guards.

🏟 Squid Arena: Squid Arena is a 3D online multiplayer game and survival game type where 4 players kill each other in arena until remain only 1 survivor. You can also design your character and equip it with interesting equipment and costumes.

Is METASQUID GO a deflation token?

There are 2 tokens in METASQUID GO, namely MSQUID and MWON.

MSQUID is a deflation token, each transaction (buy/sell or wallet transfer) has 7% tax where: 6% allocated to auto LP and 1% will be distributed to all MSQUID holders in MSQUID

MWON is not a deflation token.

What is the project of METASQUID GO?

METASQUID GO currently has 2 projects both of which are very interesting games. Unlike most other token projects, which are only unfinished projects, we have even completed one of our projects, namely the Red Light Green Light game. We will launch it on 08:00 UTC December 20, 2021. For the second game we will call it Squid Arena which we will also launch in Q1 2022.

How do I join the airdrop event:

💰 You can join our airdrop events by doing tasks on our airdrop bot below:
💰 Referral in airdrop bot to your friends to get extra rewards
💰 Play and win every day Red Light Green Light game

When does the presale start?

Our first MSQUID presale will start on 24th of December, 14:00 UTC. First presale will allow you to get MSQUID for 3x much cheaper than the price when we launch on public sale (pancakeswap).

How to participate on Presale?